What is OSCAR?

"OSCAR" stands for Out of School Care and Recreation. OSCAR services are before/after school and school holiday programmes for school-aged children, usually up to the age of 13 years. Not all these services call themselves "OSCAR" but they have common features such as a focus on play and recreation (rather than schooling), operating outside of school hours and in holiday times, and providing care while parents do other things - work, training or taking time for their own activities.

OSCAR Guidelines for Educators


School Term
- max. 20hours per week 

Mon-Fri 6.30-9.00   then   14.30-19.00​


School Holidays
- max. 50hours per week        

Mon-Fri 7.00-19.00

Please note, OSCAR does not operate on Saturdays and Sundays.


5-13yrs old and must be enrolled in school.


- max. 6 tamariki at any one time
eg:       1 ECE + 5 OSCAR
           2 ECE + 4 OSCAR
           3 ECE + 3 OSCAR  etc

- ratios include educator’s own tamariki.